What is The Convocation of Catholic Leaders?

This gathering is a work of the Holy Spirit! You will join your pastor in the important work of renewing our church. The Convocation will provide you insights, inspiration and motivation. This experience will provide you an opportunity to gain exposure to fresh and innovative ways to bring the Joy of the Gospel to the people of God – to those within your parish family and to those who need an invitation to be a part of your parish family.

The Convocation, with its plenary sessions and workshop breakouts, will help you and your parish team leaders focus on the issues and concerns at the parish and diocesan level. You will spend time together as a parish leadership team, and you will also meet other parish teams that are part of your same area (deanery). You will meet other Catholics as committed as you, find opportunities for collaboration & brainstorming, and shared work in multiple areas – – youth & young adults, Hispanic ministry and outreach, liturgy, catechesis, and more!

You have daily opportunities for Mass, Confession, Adoration, Praise, Fellowship and Networking.

Each evening will feature a different worship service intended to feed your soul, lift your spirit and help you with creative and holy action planning for your parish!


Harrah’s Atlantic City


March 25-28, 2019